Computerized Electro-dermal Screening

Bio-Energetic Evaluation involves a non-invasive exam. Utilizing the body’s natural energy conduits, we acquire specific information about your organs and systems, revealing your present state of health. We then search the computer database of more than 25,000 natural remedies, using your body’s own Bio-Feedback to select the most appropriate remedy for you.

Bio-Energetic analysis can be very helpful if you have experienced poor health and have not been able to get answers or results. For those who want to maintain optimum health and well being throughout life, testing can help find problems before a pathological condition arises. The health status of the organs, glands, and systems of your body can be measured with the application of the following tests:

Pathogen Testing

This test is helpful if you have chronic fatigue, recurring infections, stomach, or bowel discomfort. Probable causes for these types of symptoms come from Candida, bacteria, virus, mold, fungi, or parasites. The remedies will assist your body’s natural immune system in defeating these pathogens.

Biochemical Imbalance

This test will help if you suffer an imbalance in your body chemistry. Common symptoms for this challenge are depression, insomnia, A.D.D., menstrual problems, emotional or mental imbalances. This test shows any imbalances related to your hormone, neurotransmitters, glands, and your overall body chemistry.


This test identifies what your body really needs for energy and health maintenance. The test also screens for low or excessive levels of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, herbs, amino acids, and glandular remedies.

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