Yvette Cobb, Founder

Yvette is the founder of Y.C. Yoga for Life Center. Her mission is to utilize her professional skills as a Registered Nurse, Nurse & Holistic Health Practitioner and a certified International Yoga Teacher to serve as God’s instrument in providing services to promote education, good health and total well being to all.

She is dedicated to helping everyone achieve the optimum level of health naturally with a unique blend of Eastern and Western philosophies. Yvette has traveled extensively around the world to study with the master healers to obtain this vast base of knowledge. Yvette received her BSN degree at the University Texas Medical Branch and a MS degree in Family Nurse Practitioner with a functional minor in education from California State University. Her extensive training in conventional and holistic healing, offers the best of both to her profession, which she calls integrated healing. Integrated healing is concerned with the whole person, Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Yvette addresses the underlying causes of pain and disease, rather than treating symptoms. She demonstrates exceptional leadership and motivational skills within her profession. She educates individuals on how to take an active role in healing themselves daily. She is an innovative cutting-edge practitioner on a mission to heal the universe, one body at a time.