Body Structure Made Perfect (BSMP),

Integrating Your Spirit, Body, and Mind

Body Structural Made Perfect(BSMP) is a unique system of bodywork that aligns and balances the entire physical structure. By releasing chronic tension patterns in the body’s connective tissue, long held postural patterns are shed for a more relaxed, centered way of being.

People with chronic pain and stress find relief from their symptoms. Students of yoga, the martial arts, and meditation, dancers, athletes and everyone benefit from BSMP with increased sensitivity to physical alignment and function. Those involved in psychological exploration find greater connection to their body and emotions.

Research has shown that Hellerwork reduces spinal curvature, enhances neurological functioning, creates more efficient use of muscles, allows the body to conserve energy, and refines patterns of movement. It significantly reduces chronic stress and changes body structure.  BSMP is an expansion off of Hellerwork and intending to strengthen the individuals relationship with their soul, embracing the full aspect of ones emotions, body, and mind.

Benefits of BSMP include:
· Increased energy, vitality and fitness
· Greater flexibility and ease of movement
· Expanded sense of well being
· Younger appearance
· Improved athletic performance
· Enhanced awareness of your body
· Improved posture and body shape
· A life transformation!

Yvette Cobb is a Certified Hellerwork Practitioner and a Doctor of Naturopathy, Family Nurse Practitioner, and a Spiritual consultants. She is inspired to heal the universe one body at a time through the dramatic effects of ESBW on your spirit, body and mind.

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What is BSMP, an expansion of Hellerwork?