Services for your Mind, Body, and Spirit

The Hellerwork Series is an individually tailored program usually experienced over several months, at an average of one visit per week. Accelerated programs are feasible for some individuals. The Hellerwork practitioner assesses the client’s posture and movement patterns, as well as compression and rotational patterns. Often these patterns indicate physical trauma, emotional trauma, or chronic stress. With a highly trained touch, the practitioner works with the client to release these old patterns from the body. Together, client and practitioner then develop more efficient movement patterns.

The standard Hellerwork sessions are as follows:

Introductory Session:

Total body evaluation and creating total body balance to began the eleven sessions

Session 1:

Concentrates on the body parts – the rib cage, arms, shoulders and hips – associated with expanding the chest to breathe deeply and freely and aligns the ribcage over the pelvis

Session 2:

Centers on the feet and legs: aligning the joints and making sure that the body’s weight is distributed over the arches of the feet* (usually requires two appointments)

Session 3:

Align the sides of the upper body by releasing tension in the shoulders, arms and sides

Session 4:

Concentrates on the muscles of the inside leg and pelvic floor

Session 5:

Brings the pelvis into a more horizontal position that supports the guts more effectively

Session 6:

Focuses on the spine* (usually requires two appointments)

Session 7:

Works to release tension in the head, face, and neck and align the head over the torso

Session 8:

Facilitates movement and balances muscles in the lower body – the legs, feet, hips and pelvis

Session 9:

Facilities movement and balances muscles in the upper part of the body – the arms, shoulders, rib cage and neck

Session 10:

Works on the major joints to produce overall balance of the body

Session 11:

This is different from the other ten sessions and no bodywork is used. In this session, the treatment is completed by a process of acknowledgement and a review of the results obtained, with the client asking any questions he or she may have and discussing how to take the results out into everyday life is emphasized, together with continuing progress by more conscious use of the body.

* Some sessions require more time depending on the imbalances within the body.