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  • Individual consultation
  • Group consultation

Types of workshops:

  • Introduction to Healthy
  • Breast12 key strategies for breast health and women’s wellness 
  • Discussion on how to minimize exposure to environmental toxins 
  • Immune health and detoxification 
  • Emotional  and Spiritual health
  • Breathing, Kundalini Yoga, and meditations 
  • Tea’s for healthy breast (Sips and Tips) as you sip your tea learn tips and benefits
  • Get your lymph system moving (learn self breast massage,

MammAlive USA

The mission statement is to educate and empower women globally to make healthy dietary  and lifestyle changes, enhance understanding of their bodies, and increase awareness of the impact of the environment on their health, to reduce risk of breast cancer now and in future generations.


The vision is to increase our efforts so we can decrease the rising global incidence of breast cancer.


The Healthy Breast Program has been designed to educate women of all ages in breast cancer prevention strategies, and to support women with the disease.

The Healthy Breast Program complements conventional treatment for breast cancer by educating women in the environmental, dietary, hormonal, lifestyle, genetic, nutritional, psychological and spiritual links to breast cancer, and encouraging implementation of protective, healthy lifestyle practices.

The Healthy Breast Program is well suited to women newly diagnosed with breast cancer, women identified as having dense breasts, women finishing treatment with chemotherapy and /or radiation, women with a family history of breast cancer, and women interested in preventing breast cancer.


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