“Physical fitness has always been a part of my life however it wasn’t until November 2011 that spiritual and mental awareness joined my fitness regime.  That was when I met Yvette Cobb and became an active kundalini participant.  YC Yoga for Life Center has brought me peace and inner strength during the most difficult times of my life.  I am so thankful for my practice and for the unique and caring spirit that Yvette shines on all her students.  Anyone and everyone is lucky to be blessed by her presence and kindness.” 

~Erika Lapish,
VP HR, Benteler Automotive North America  

“For me, Yoga for Life is definitely “for life”.

Kundalini yoga is spiritual fitness while you move through physical fitness. The spirituality moves me more than the physical fitness, and I consider it a two for one deal! I can’t live without it. Yvette Cobb is an angel in my life and I am continually blessed with her talent, her inspiration and her love for Kundalini. It means so much to me, and I hope that others can have this experience!”

~Lori Monacelli,
Advertising Operations Mgr.

“Kundalini Yoga: I am so grateful to have found Kundalini Yoga over 13 years ago. It is such a powerful practice. It’s beauty is that it works with such a quickness; changes begin in the body and mind immediately. These changes can be felt and experienced from Day one.

Even after so many years of practice, each class is different and allows for new growth and expansion. YC Yoga for Life Center provides a warm, loving community to evolve and grow!

Hellerwork: The experience of Hellerwork is unique and powerful. After my first session, I felt like I was “back in my body.”It provides re-alignment and adjustment so the body can feel grounded and return to a more balanced state. Hellerwork is so different than a massage or chiropractic care; one can experience alignment combined with the release of tensions and emotions at such a deeper level of the body and mind.”

~Amy Piper,
Speech-Language Pathologist

“I first met Yvette Cobb when I attended a yoga class she conducted at a local church. I was impressed with her manner, her openness, and her patience with those of us who were new to kundalini yoga. That was several years ago. I have since come to know her as a friend, a teacher, and a spiritual adviser. As a yoga teacher myself, I know many yoga teachers. She is one of the very best. Yogini Cobb has a delightful spiritual presence, a dedication to yoga practice, and a thorough knowledge of anatomy. Her studio is beautiful. I hope you have an opportunity to practice with her.”

~Pauline Everette,
LMSW, PhD, RY-200

“A few years ago I suffered from a pulled piriformis muscle. it is a small muscle, which when inflamed can cause pain when sitting. It made driving very unpleasant. It was not getting better after months of treatment with anti-inflammatories and exercise. I decided to seek treatment using the Hellerwork method. After one 2 hour session with Yvette the pain was relieved and has not returned. It was AMAZING. The Hellerwork treatment was definitely intense. Yvette was skilled at working with my tolerance level. I was impressed with her knowledge of human anatomy and function. She did not try to sell me on more sessions. She made it very clear that her treatment was intended to be limited in duration. I can whole heartedly recommend Yvette Cobb RN, FNP, MSN as a well qualified Hellerwork’s practitioner. Her nursing, nurse practitioner, and yoga background have made her uniquely qualified to offer this method of care.”

~R. Ford,

“I’ve experimented with several yoga styles and the most informative yoga experience is Kundalini Yoga provided by Instructor Yvette Cobb. Ms. Cobb is a true expert practitioner who challenges her students to push their limits physically while tapping into the inner self, seizing on courage and crushing one’s fears. I’ve also had Hellerworks by Ms. Cobb. I found it to be an organic and intuitive physical application of pressure, stretching and tension. It was a wonderful experience when I left the studio. Invest in your body as the treasure it is, patronizing YC Yoga for life “

~Louis Starks,