Healing, from Nature’s Garden

The human body is truly a remarkable and resilient creation. When given the necessary tools, your body can rebuild and naturally heal itself from most illnesses. Health and vitality is your birthright and attainable through herbal remedies, detoxifications, proper diet and nutrition, and an enhanced mind-body connection.

Herbal & Nutritional Programs

One quarter of prescription drugs contain at least one ingredient derived from plant material. Our practitioners combine their extensive knowledge and traditional wisdom of herbs and nutrition to design a unique plan of care specific to each individual. Our focus for healing and maintaining health is to support your whole body in balance.


Detoxification is a natural everyday process of the body. This process includes bowel movements, urination, sweating, breathing, and filtration by the liver, kidneys, and lymph. In today’s toxic world, this natural process can easily become overwhelmed, forcing the body to store toxins it cannot process. We offer herbal detoxification to help you find solutions for disease. View or print a PDF of the detoxification process.

Other Natural Healing Services

  • Herbal education
  • Guidelines for quarterly cleansing and detoxification
  • Learn which herbs contra-indicate your prescription medication
  • Identify herbs for all physical conditions
  • Weight-management programs
  • Rebuild your immune system
  • Lifestyle modification
  • Education to become your own Natural Healing Detective

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