How it works

At the core of all matter lies energy; the human body is no different. Energy balancing techniques have been a primary method of healing in The East for over 5,000 years, and the body’s energy system has been a fundamental part of traditional and alternative medicine for many, many years.
Bio-Energetic Medicine is the practice of evaluating energy level imbalances in the body by way of the body’s energy network called the meridian system. Energy imbalances provide valuable information about potential disease processes. Restoring balance using holistic therapies allows the body’s own energy to do its normal healing work before chemical or physiological disturbances can occur.

The body’s energy, which is generated in internal organs, circulates throughout the body via pathways near the surface of the skin called meridians. Since the 1940’s, research has established that acupuncture points along the meridians possess electrical conductivity: the electrical resistance of the skin decreases dramatically at the acupuncture points when compared to the surrounding skin. Research and clinical studies continue to prove the effectiveness of balancing the body’s energy in boost the immune system, restore and build health, prevent disease, control pain and induce a physiological relaxation response.

Bio-Energetic Medicine is preventative by design. By treating the whole person – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual – we are considering every aspect of illness and aligning the whole being with its natural healthy state. Aligning the whole being reduces stress and enhances immune function. The body can then function effectively to prevent symptoms, illness, and disease.